Patent Strategies Inc.

PSI Capital Management (“PSI”) is a limited liability company dedicated towards the commercialization and licensing of intellectual property assets. PSI recognizes the broad expanse of opportunity present in today's economy for the focused deployment of a well-executed IP strategy. As such, PSI was created to assist inventors, corporations and attorneys in management and transfer of risk while maximizing the value of their intellectual property.

PSI relies on the experience of its seasoned team of professionals from the fields of intellectual property, financial risk management, and transactional services to carefully examine IP opportunities obtained through our network of industry contacts. Our proprietary diligence program effectively identifies premium assets across a multitude of sectors. Our structured analytical approach allows PSI to move quickly and decisively in its investment decisions.

PSI offers a wide array of services for our individual, corporate and legal clients, included among these services are:

  • Evaluation of individual patents and portfolios
  • Quantification of financial risk
  • Management of licensure and royalty arrangements
  • Legal advisory
  • Creation of unique monetization strategies
  • Valuation of IP
  • Legal referrals